Our Work

Hanzo offers public and private sectors in developing countries advice on how to improve on providing sustainable and reliable services to their people and clients.  Our advice is based on the latest research and we focus on the use of eco-friendly materials and designs that have the least impact on surrounding nature.  We work with international companies that have sustainability and safeguarding the environment as a core value.

Energy – Hanzo has been promoting the use of solar systems and is working with local energy companies in North Africa implementing clean energy projects.

Construction – We work  with manufacturing and construction companies by supplying construction materials that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Interior design – We believe that homes are crucial to a healthy living, and therefore designing the perfect, beautiful and most energy-efficient homes is vital for developing a prosperous and healthy community.  Through our partners we offer furniture, kitchens and lighting that incorporate the latest design and material technology.

Food & Beverages – Food is vital to life, but also what brings people together and a key to cultural heritage. And that’s why at Hanzo we take pride in offering to our customers in North Africa high quality food and beverage products from market leaders around the world.

Hanzo’s collaboration with Kona Tuna managed within one year to seize a large share in the Libyan market (Libya a large consumer of canned tuna per capita).  Kona is a sustainable tuna company and an advocate for preserving marine life.  We encourage using sustainable fishing methods that help the environment and therefore support low-income fishermen that use small boats, use pole and line fishing techniques and are conscious of the unique value of our oceans and marine life.